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round 2: challenge 8: final results

Finally the results! Thanks to everyone for participating and congratulation to the winner!

round 2 final results




The icon you placed first gave the maker two points while the icon placed second gave one point to the maker.

#1: 2+1+1+1+2=7
#2: 2+2+2+1+2+2=11
#3: 2+1+2=5
#4: 1+1+1+1=4

Link to the voting table.


#1 - because of the softness and ethereal quality of the icon. Very dreamlike and lovely.
#1 - I really like the faded tones of this icon.
#1 - The colouring is really pretty♥ And I like the simplicity of it.
#1 - i love the cropping and simplicity of this icon. the coloring matches the feel of the image itself. props for effectively pulling off a textless/texture-less icon. :D
#1 - the simple crop, but soft coloring that enhances the image and gives off a soft feel very well.
#2 - I really love how the colors work together and I think the text in the background fits well with the shirtlessness of Junsu, considering it's talking about wrestling an aligator and you do that with your shirt off.
#2 - I love the background colour and the text! They work really well together with the cropped picture of Junsu.
#2 - Both the placement of Junsu and the texture used are perfect.
#2 - interesting design that is eyecatching but not overbearing
#2 - I like the way this participant make the icon. I haven't seen such a design before. That's for originality. He crops Junsu well and place him in such a way that everything seen to be in a flow. It's like a mini advertisement. =)
#2 - HA. Hilarious, and the wording is perfectly ironic with Junsu's stance. A
also, it's very well done.
#3 - awesome cropping and coloring. good placement of textures and text, too. all in all, a great icon.
#3 - I like the dotted design on the right and the hue that seem to be on the whole icon. It makes people feel natural~ The choice of font is good too
#3 - the coloring is nice and suits the image
#4 - I like the outlining and the choice of textures with color. the orange bits add point of interest.
#4 - I like the texture use on this icon.
#4 - The outlining thingy is awesome, and I like the affects used for the fonts. The picture itself is just a might bit too faded for me, but it's still second-favorite. ^-^
#4 - great cropping and placement of textures. composition is balanced.

onew will be making the banners. ^^
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