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Round 03 - Participants List

If you would like to participate in DBSK LIMS: ROUND 03, please comment to this post. The mods will create a list of the Round 03 participants here. Please note that this is only for the third round; subsequent rounds will have different sign-up posts, meaning that this is by no means a year-long binding contract.

And again, for those of you who intend to participate, it is in your best interest that you join the community and watch it as well. That way you won't miss any challenges or notices and such.

SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN. The first challenge will be posted when we have 20 sign-ups.
However, sign-ups will remain open until the first challenge's deadline.

Total: 23

Current Participants (skips):
asazuki_satoka (1/1)
delicatinelity (1/1)
epikstory (1/1)
nudge (1/1)
fluffinessbuni (1/1)
goldengutgirl (1/1)
jade_summers218 (1/1)
jumoon (1/1)
keight_michelle (1/1)
komorebi_chan (1/1)
leafed (1/1)
arishokku (1/1)
loversflyinfree (1/1)
ninjaee (1/1)
ohmyyam (1/1)
douknow (1/1)
polaroidsho_ts (1/1)
pinkfluffies (1/1)
rainysakura (1/1)
shuwei (1/1)
onew (1/1)
trickle (1/1)
tiffonemo (1/1)
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