❝ STAND by U ❞ with a red balloon. (jaegiya) wrote in dbsk_lims,
❝ STAND by U ❞ with a red balloon.

Co-Mods & Bannermakers Needed.

The community is going to be back soon, and to make sure everything will run smoothly, I'll be needing two person to help me in co-modding the community. So if you think you got what it takes, please fill this form and post it here.

And we'll also be needing bannermakers. So, again, if you want to apply just fill the form and post. If you're an old bannermaker and still want to help the community, please do comment in this post as well so I can put your name up.

All comments are screened. Thank you! :D
Tags: apply to be a mod, apply to be bannermaker
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